About me

Hi, my name is Lisa and welcome to My Thermomix Kitchen! I am a busy working mum to two gorgeous, cheeky boys and a confessed addict of all things Thermomix. Owning a Thermomix really has made my life easier and, although an avid cook before I purchased one, the volume of delicious food coming from my kitchen post Thermomix has certainly increased. I'm not a consultant but I am constantly encouraging my friends and family to invest in one of these amazing machines. 

I have a busy life, a hungry husband, growing boys and lovely friends with whom I spend time. My cooking style reflects that lifestyle. Lots of quick easy meals, lunchbox treats and meals and sweets to share with friends. I use fresh, seasonal ingredients, free range poultry and organic meats and avoid additives and artificial flavours and colours as much as I possibly can.

I created this blog because, having become increasingly dismayed with the high fat and high sugar content of most of the recipes in the many wonderful books that I have collected for the Thermomix, I wanted somewhere to collate my own delicious but healthy recipes for the Thermomix. The recipes are friendly to those on the Weight Watchers program with ProPoints values calculated and stated at the end of each recipe.  

Please feel free to leave comments and share your results, thoughts and ideas. If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at mythermomixkitchen@gmail.com.


  1. Fantastic blog, really enjoyed reading, I have already passed link to a friend who will also make so much use out of the blog. Well done Lisa, this blog is great.

    1. Hi Fiona! Thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy my recipes and check back again soon or follow My Thermomix Kitchen on Facebook or Twitter for new posts.

  2. I have recently joined ww but I still wanted to use my Thermomix. I was very excited to find this site. Thank you :)

  3. Oh bless you. This blog is exactly what I needed. I haven't used my Thermo since joining WW a week ago. Thank you thank you.