Saturday 6 September 2014

Parmesan and Herb Breadcrumbs

Makes 1 batch

I made these breadcrumbs for a cauliflower gratin, but their use is obviously endless. The recipe can be doubled or tripled, and the breadcrumbs you don't use stored in airtight zip lock bags in the freezer for up to 1 month. I usually make a large batch and then store in a few bags in the freezer for later use.

What's in it?

25g parmesan, cubed
4 sprigs parsley
10 chives
75g wholemeal bread, torn roughly

How do I make it?

1. Place parmesan in mixing bowl and grate 10sec / speed 9.  Empty into a medium size bowl. 

2. Place herbs in mixing bowl and chop 5sec / speed 7.  Empty into bowl with parmesan. 

3. Place bread in mixing bowl and chop until breadcrumb consistency reached, approximately 4sec / speed 8.  Empty into bowl with parmesan and herbs and mix together. 

4. Use immediately or place in zip lock bag(s) and store in freezer for later use up to 1 month.

2 ProPoints per 1/4 of 1 batch.

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